Kissing Under the Mistletoe

Kissing Under the MistletoeThe Mistletoe has a symbolical meaning in Christmas celebration. Naturally, in these days, it is usually connected with kissing and love, but it occurred that this amazing and rare plant has a bigger and even more significant background history.

Some people believe that it is only an evergreen flirting addition to winter holiday festive mood, though, it is actually much more than that…

See more about the history, tradition and cultural reference to the kissing under the mistletoe:

  • Today – the custom demands a female and a male, who are standing under the mistletoe at Christmas time to kiss.Other people believe that any couple, who kisses under the plant during the winter holidays will live happily together for long times. The traditions has even transferred and become a significant love symbol and today it is used as decoration and main adorning addition to winter weddings and anniversaries!

  • In the near past – our grandparents and their parents used to believe that the Mistletoe symbolises the fruitfulness and harmony in family life. In some countries, the mistletoe plant was brought to the traditional Christmas decoration for those couples, who cannot have kids and those, who have some inner problems with the communication. However, farmers have explained the mistletoe as something more than an occasion for a kiss – but an entire lucky charm for rich vintage!

  • Celts – the Celtic rituals used the mistletoe plant, too. These people considered it as sacred gift from Gods and that is why they have returned its magic in funerals and sacrifice. In military periods, mistletoe was used for curing the wounds and gaining the victory in battles and influence across the barbaric tribes! Last, but not least, Celts have also killed their victims and made rituals with mistletoe, because they knew that all people should bow to this plant and its religious meaning.

  • Norse mythology – that is where the kissing tradition actually comes from. According to the legends, the kissing under the mistletoe custom comes from the popular myth of Balder. His mother was a Goddess, named Frigga. She loved her son very much and she promised to each plant of the earth to keep him safe. Though, somehow, she has missed the mistletoe. An evil God decided to take the advantage of that and kidnap Balder. Then, Frigga named the Hel the one, who needs to save her son. However, secretly he was in love Frigga and this prevented the returning of Balder. From now on, the mistletoe plant was accepted as something that needs to be respected. That is why people should show the love between each other in front of it!

So, do you actually obey this tradition or you think it is stupid? Every custom has its charm. And so does this kissing under the mistletoe. Without it Christmas becomes not true and not natural. Just like removal without end of tenancy clean up or being successful without education, Christmas cannot last without kissing under the mistletoe!

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