If your dream house has a patio

PatioLiving in a house gives you the feeling of freedom and closeness to nature, especially if it has a large and beautiful patio. What people sometimes miss to calculate in advance is the maintenance and careful choice of materials for their outside estate. Following, there are some tips and ideas for the patio for those of you who’ve decided on buying a new house with an in-yard or that it’s time to change the “old” one.

  • Greenness, whether a patch of ryegrass carpet, hedge, or a garden full of trees and flowers, it gives the patio an atmosphere of privacy and the idea that you own a small piece of nature. Besides their air purifying functions, green plants and trees have calming effect; they keep the air and the house cool and shaded in heats and serve as a perfect natural decoration. In order to keep the greenness of the patio in good look and condition, it needs constant professional cares – watering, pruning, digging, disinfection and cleansing. If you don’t want to subscribe for regular paid maintenance, there are sites and magazines with gardening instructions available on electronic or paper ware.

  • Having a patio means that you add a few more metres and a few more hours to the home sanitising schedule. You should have this in mind and calculate the time and money to be saved and spent, when you decide on having this unique pleasure. If you keep the patio neat and clean from dry leaves and grass, and protect it against the penetration of animals, it will be a safe place for holidays and play for you and the whole family.

  • Paving of the patio, or at least part of it, will be very useful if you enjoy having a cup of coffee and a chat outside. Bricks are one of the most preferable materials for this purpose. They give a pinch of coziness, warmth and old-fashioned rural feeling to the place and come in various forms and shades. Due to climate and weather, however, they might change colour and even start to flake or crack when freezing cold. That’s why you should closely follow specialists’ advices about what kind of bricks to choose. In case you move out of your tenement and the patio needs cleaning and maintenance, search for available information online or call the professional end of lease cleaners. They will not only clean the pavement, but will also leave instructions for its maintenance.

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