How to take care of your leather jacket to keep it in perfect condition

leather jacket care Taking good cares of our leather clothes is very important in order to have them longer. Good cares prevent the leather clothes from being susceptible and from smelling bad so that you can wear them for many many years.

Taking care of your leather jacket for example is not that hard to do but it can bring you great benefits at the end of the day. Those cares start at the moment you buy the jacket and bring it home.

The first thing you need to do is to apply a leather protector over the jacket so that you can keep it waterproof. This leather protector cannot last forever thus you might want to remove it from time to time and to apply a new layer of it that will be fresh and more effective.


You need to use only products that are especially designed for leather, such that do not contain any wax or oils, because otherwise they might block the pores of the leather and to block it from breathing normally, which can bring a lot of negative effect for you.


If your leather jacket gets wet, from the rain for example, you need to dry it in a place with neutral temperature – not too cold and not too hot and away from fans – it has to dry naturally so to say. You might prefer to try drying the jacket using towel to absorb the water – this will speed up the process a lot. When the leather is almost dry, you need to apply a leather conditioner or some other kind of moisturiser in order to keep the leather flexible. Once dried completely, you need to apply another layer of moisturiser or conditioner for keeping the leather from inevitable damage.


Depending on how often you use your leather jacket, you need to remember that from time to time you will have to bring it to Professional Dry Cleaner. The cleaner will use professional equipment and detergents designed especially for leather so that you jacket will look like brand new and the leather will be more flexible.


And last but not least, you need to hang your jacket on a wide padded hanger and never wrap it in plastic (bags) because leather is a natural fabric and it needs to breathe.


All this tips could be referred to leather furniture at home, as leather demands gentle care and regular maintenance.

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