How to remove a nail polish stain from upholstery

nail polish stain removal Whether you have dropped a bottle of nail polish on your sofa or you have accidentally brushed your freshly done nails on the armchair, nail polish stains can be very hard to remove. However, there are a few great ideas, which can help you if this incident happens and you have to perform a cleaning procedure at home.


Firstly you will need to remove as much of the spillage as possible. You can do that using a spoon or a flat knife.


Then you will have to use a cotton pad soaked in non-acetone nail polish removal. In order to make sure that the liquid will not damage the upholstery, try it on a smaller inside part first. Provided that this area does not get even worse stained, you can then go ahead cleaning the actual nail polish stain.


Soak a small cotton swap in the non-acetone nail polish removal and scrub the stained area slowly, giving the nail polish time to react with the removal itself. Then use a clean towel to absorb the liquid mixture off the upholstery.


Afterwards you will need to repeat the same steps as many times as needed in order to get rid of the stain. Once you have removed the stain, you can wash the area with clean water to remove the residues of the nail polish removal.


This trick can help you remove the awful nail polish stain ruining your favorite couch or armchair. However, in cases where the amount of the nail polish is bigger, it may be harder to cope with that. In such cases professional cleaning companies offer a steam or dry cleaning method, which proves to be very effective.

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