How to remove a mildew and mould stain from curtains

curtain cleaning Curtain cleaning can be a tricky job, as there are so many type of fabrics curtains can be made of. It gets even more difficult if there are mould and/or mildew stains on them. However, there are a few useful hints that can help you with the difficult curtains cleaning.


First of all, make sure to check the label on the curtains, as they may be machine washable. If you are lucky, the mildew and mould stains can go away simply by washing them. However, if they are more persistent ones, you will need to use some extra help with the cleaning.


The easiest method for curtain cleaning in case there are mould and mildew stains is simply using lemon juice and salt. Prepare a paste of the two ingredients and apply it on a thick layer on the stained area. Then allow the acid in the lemon juice to react with the mould for about 15-20 minutes.


After that continue the curtains cleaning process with scraping away the lemon paste off the curtains. Then rinse the area with clean water and wash the curtains again in the washing machine.


In case the curtains however are made of a more delicate fabric such as velvet or silk, they will be suitable only for dry cleaning. That’s a method using detergents only and no water in order not to damage the fabric.


In such case it is better to contact a professional cleaning company for the curtains cleaning in order to have better results achieved.

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  1. Carlton says:

    always remember to clean curtains regularly to stop them from being ruined.

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