How to reduce back pain?

How to reduce back painEvery working mom who constantly strives for engaging as many tasks as possible in her overly busy routine, would tell you she suffers from back pain. Back pain could occur gradually and sporadically, or cut your back as sharp as a knife all of a sudden, without you being able to to move for a prolonged period of time. Although types of back pain may vary in terms of duration and intensity, they all have one thing in common: they could become a serious health issue due to our inclination to neglect them. Here is some useful advices on how to daily reduce back pain.

  • Exercise on a  daily basis – Although you might find it hard and painful in the beginning, some minor exercises can help alleviate the pain. Try stretching your body in an upright position and swing sideways to ensure strengthening of the muscles and thus pain relief. You may also do some stretching while lying on the carpet (before that ensure a nicely clean carpet by arranging some dry carpet cleaning). And remember, good results take time.

  • Mind what you eat – Pain itself is a reminder that something is wrong with the healthy balance of your body. What you eat, drink, and breathe is extremely important to having a fit body, normal weight and therefore no exceeding pressure on your back. Try to reduce fat and increase water supply and you will be surprised of the result.

  • Use Painkillers – Everyone once suffered from back pain would keep painkillers in their pocket. Although pills are generally considered harmless, we would recommend that you use soothing balms, such as marjoram, or cypress oil. Those are natural, and you can apply them several times a day, and just before sleep, especially nowadays, when the upholstery cleaners are just around the corner and you don’t have to worry about soiling your mattress or sofa.

To sum up, the methods listed above would not do much good if you did not rest. A good night sleep, a half an hour relaxation or a little walk in the park would help to bring back your natural body strength.

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