How to ‘recycle’ successfully the cosmetics we are not happy with

How to ‘recycle’ successfully the cosmetics I’m sure it has happened to all of us to storage our homes with all kind of cosmetic products as a result of impulsive purchases. No matter whether they are cheap or expensive, we sometimes buy creams, shampoos, conditioners, products for the home cleaning and whatever comes it our mind.

At some point we come to the realization how unnecessary those purchases are, this cream does not fit to you skin type, this shampoo takes your hair out of control, you realize that the smell of ylang ylang is just not your thing, etc. However it will be a real waste to just through these away, so here comes a few tips to put those items in use.

  • Hair conditioners: their anti static effect makes them particularly useful for dusting at home. Use a small amount of the conditioner you will never put on your hair again on a dry cloth and wipe the surfaces where the dust is usually accumulated.
  • Shower gels and bath foams: they happen to be an excellent replacement of the liquid soap. All you have to do is to pour them into an empty liquid soap dispenser. There is simply no difference between their qualities. Moreover, they are simply fantastic in cleaning the bathroom sink and hand washing of your delicates – underwear and tights.
  • Body Creams: If you add a little baking soda, coarse salt or brown sugar, it can become a superb body scrub. Face creams mixed with the same ingredients can be used as facial defoliators.
  • Hand creams, you find too greasy, can be put in use to clean and scour your bags, belts and shoes.
  • Shampoos, which had turned out to be inappropriate for your hair, are suitable to replace almost all kinds of domestic cleaning products.

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