How to protect yourself against flu and viruses

prevent flu With the warmer months coming in, we tend to trow away thick pullovers and take out light dresses and skirts.

When winter comes, we believe that we are more likely to get sick, so we put on the pullovers again and start having tea more often.

However, with so many people around us, it does not really matter what season we are in, as germs and viruses are everywhere.

If you would like to avoid the unpleasant situation of having flu, there are a few simple rules you need to follow.


First of all, make sure to always wash your hands when coming back home before doing anything else. When we are outside, we touch so many things which were beforehand touched by hundreds of people:  in the subway, in the trains, even in the grocery shop. There is a great chance that at least one of these hundreds of people was having the terrible flu. Use warm water and soap and rinse your hands first thing when you walk in the house.


Secondly, you need to make sure to disinfect all of the items you touch first when you get home – such as the door knob, the light switches, etc. You can use some kind of a good detergent to make sure that all of the germs are cleaned properly.


A useful hint as well is to clean your furniture with a steam cleaning machine often enough. We usually have guests coming over and sitting on our sofas. We can never know if these people are not sick or getting sick at that time. The steam cleaning method kills all the bacteria and viruses that can inhabit our upholstery and makes it safe for us.


No one likes scratchy throat and stiffed up nose, so follow these advices and stay healthy and more important – keep your kids healthy!

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