How to overcome anxiety?

How to overcome anxietyIn a moment of anxiety, your heart begins to beat more strongly, your breathing accelerates and your head gets dizzy. Exactly the opposite happens when you are calm – heart rate slows down, you breathe slowly and deeply, and your muscles relax. Deep breathing is the key to calming, because when we feel anxiety, as a result of too rapid breathing oxygen deficiency, dizziness and tingling appear. These physical symptoms alone are frightening and intensify anxiety. With a deep breath, however, they can be overcome and the body will return to its normal rhythm. There are three main things that help us to deal more easily with anxiety:

  • Say Goodbye to caffeine and sugar!

Stopping or at least reducing caffeinated drinks is recommended for people prone to anxiety. Caffeine makes us easily excitable, interferes with our sleep and can even cause panic attacks. Refined sugar does cause excessive increase in the level of blood sugar, which then falls sharply. As a result, we feel emotionally and physically squeezed. Even simple office cleaning may make us feel desperate.

  • Hello sport!

Sport is a natural and effective anti-stress treatment. Separation of half an hour of physical activity pays off at times. Movement releases tension, improves physical and mental stability and helps the release of endorphin. Even after deep end of tenancy cleaning, we may feel happier.

  • Excuse me, but it is urgent to sleep!

Anxiety can lead to insomnia. Everyone has experienced dark thoughts and concerns, that do not leave us alone at night. Lack of sufficient sleep increases the feeling of anxiety, because sleep deprivation reduces our ability to deal with stress. It is much easier to keep your emotional balance if you are well rested.

Anxiety is a result of breaking some essential rules of well being. Follow our tips and live healthy!

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