How to make home mess look attractive – DIY project

How to make home mess look attractive – DIY projectDomestic mess is an additional family member that you usually get used to live with. By adding some really unpleasant and unwelcome air into home atmosphere, the mess becomes also the perfect area for bacteria and germs to breed. Of course, this threatens your health and eventually you may harm your little kids because of your careless laziness and disability to tidy up.

However, not every home mess is so scary and dangerous. There is a big number of housekeepers, who really struggle for healthy living environment. They disinfect the hot spot areas, where infections usually grow. They also sanitise and degrease the essential parts at home – bathroom, toilet seat and mattresses. However, the neat house is never achieved by them!Home chaos and disorder follow these kinds of housekeepers and they are always surrounded by items, objects with odd location and of course, mess! Tidying up is never enough and things are never on the right place! The effect is not as risky as the effect from germy and dirty house. But still, the mess that is on display at home isn’t very impressive and charming. Though, with the following DIY project this may change forever! See how to make home mess look really attractive:

  • Concentrate the chaos in a particular area in the premise – for example, disarrange all of your favorite old newspapers and magazines on the elegant coffee table in the living room. If you think harder, you will remind yourself that some of those interior design pictures show such messy, but charming, tables with items! Because today, perfection isn’t equal to beauty! The beauty hides in faults!

  • Use all of your worn-out and left-out flowers and flower pots to make decors for your future home improvement. Bring some Asian style into your interior design with some dried flowers or handmade ornaments with winding green plants!

  • When your make mess at home and see some cleaning tool right next to you by chance, just grab it and sanitise the area next to you! You may not tidy up, but you will sterilise or disinfect, which is actually more important!

  • Wasted and shabby curtains are usually signs of messy house, where household chores such as curtains cleaning is never performed! Use them for wiping the dust and polishing the surfaces – thus you will clean up some more space for doing more mess!

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