How to make domestic cleaning a real fun?

Funny domestic cleaningLet’s face it – housekeeping is not the most entertaining job in the world and it definitely cannot become a hobby! Though, somehow we are obliged to do it and there is no way out or escape it. Of course, no existing law or legal obligation force you to wash and tidy up your home and you have the full right to live in a dirty, messy and full of bacteria living environment!

But do you really want this and are you really up to make such sacrifice in the name of not doing something like laundry or washing the dishes? You should better say “No!” and see how to make domestic cleaning a real fun:

  • Reward yourself – make a rewarding scale of your household achievements and treat yourself great! Here is an example – tidying up the rooms after work on a daily basis gives you a weekend shopping tour or decent bathroom disinfection gives you the right to skip one day of your diet and have an enormous piece of cake!

  • Don’t you dare to start wiping or brushing the furniture after you have watched your favourite TV series. On the contrary, consider how much time you need for one particular choice and calculate at what time to begin not to miss your show programme. You will be much faster in this way!

  • Play the sexy housekeeping role before your spouse’s arrival from work. Come on, any underwear shop has such intriguing costumes and why not trying one of them sometimes – just like that, for fun!

  • Is there anybody who had never listened the “I want to break free song?”. Well, Freddy has said it clearly for you – carpet refreshing and vacuuming cannot go without some awesome dancing steps and popular music!Funny cleaning dance

  • It is always convenient to decline a meeting with someone you don’t like by saying you have regular domestic cleaning chores to execute. On the other side, it could be even greater, if you invite your best friend and do the tasks together instead of postponing the meeting one more time!

  • Turn the household maintenance into a money-box! Every time you wash the windows or scrub the stains in kitchen by your own, put some money in the money-box – the money you could pay to the professional cleaners if they have done these things instead of you!

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  1. cleaners says:

    There are people who actually love to clean. These are the kind of people who we try and seek out to work for us. If you love what you do then you will inevitably be good at it!

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