How to make a thorough cleaning without taking days off from work

Thorough cleaningYes, I know how frustrating and terrifying it can be, seeing the big mess at home and in the same time having so much to do at work.

You might think that you are just not capable to take on this big project of cleaning your home. There might be lost things you’ve been looking for months… Doesn’t that increase your interest and motivation? No? Alright!

Here are some things that might make the task a little bit easier.

First go on a thorough dirt hunt… What does that mean? It means, you walk around the house and search where the dirtiest places are.

Write them down, so you won’t forget them. This will test your organization skills too. When you have finished with writing down where those dirtiest areas are, write also, without being too accurate, how long you think it might take you to clean up each area. Summarize the whole list and now you will know approximately how long it might take you to clean your home.

You might want to divide the time into equal hours per day… For instance, if you think that you would need 15 hours to clean your entire home, you might want to divide them into 3 cleaning hours for 5 days. Of course, it is very individual and if you want to rest between the cleaning days, you should, especially if the cleaning work takes a lot of your energy.

If you don’t want to do this on your own, and you’re sure that without taking several days off from work you can’t cope with the whole task, then call a professional cleaning company. There have done literally hundreds of cleaning jobs in London and will gladly help you out with your home cleaning.


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