How to make a snow globe – Christmas time

 Christmas snow globeSnow globes – look magical, but not so difficult to be made up? If you are also keen on them and Christmas spirit has enchanted you, too, we offer you a simple tutorial for some craftsman.

See the following tips and guides and find out how to make a snow globe for the lovely Christmas time! Don’t worry – we guarantee you that it is easy, cheap and even entertaining:

  • Supplies to provide: clean glass or transparent plastic one with lid, hot glue gun, glue, silver glitter, decors for inside – anything you want and anything that connects with Christmas spirit – ribbon, enamel paint, glycerine and distilled water.

  • Firstly, slice the foam cube and make it 1 inch wide. Then cut the corners, so they can fit the lid of the jar and allow a little bit space to screw the lid back on.

  • Take the glue and the hot glue gun. Attach the cut-off foam cube to the jar lid and let it stick

  • When the two parts are jointed together, apply more glue and then sprinkle lavishly with the glitter all over the foam and the lid of the jar.

  • Continue with the decors and figures. Attach them precisely with the hot glue gun and arrange them artistically and creatively. By the way, you can pick up a figure of Santa, White-snow, dwarfs, gift boxes and so on.

  • Last, get the jar and fill with distilled water. Before adding the glitter pieces for the most classical effect of the snow globe, you need to pour a dash of glycerine. It will prevent the glitter to stick to the bottom.

  • Now stick the two parts of the jar and screw tightly, so no piece will get out of your brand new homemade creative snow globe!

You can use your amazing snow globe as a decor at home or as an addition to the Christmas tree scenery in the living room. Wrapping it with a lovely shining paper, though, becomes a super nice gift for a friend, relative or colleague.

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