How to make a plain window look original

How to make a plain window look originalWindows – the eyes to the outside world and the connection between you and the walking outside unknown people. They come with both function – to hide and to display – and they are loving channels for the warm sunlight and the natural lighting!

Windows show you spring gloss, they protect you from summer heat and they expose you the winter fairy tales! Yes, windows are significant constructive, interior and exterior parts of home!

Can you name some other part of the house with so many features? No? Then why your windows are so plain? Then why your windows don’t deserve to be included in the domestic regular cleaning tour? And why your carpet is more important, so you always consider carpet cleaning as more important than window sanitising? Ok, maybe, we are too harsh with you and you actually do clean your windows! But don’t you want to make them look fresher and more beautiful?

Check out how to make a plain window look original:

  • If you want something easy and budget-friendly, use the common practice with an artistic execution – paint the frames in colourful blurs or dots; stick ornaments or cheering gummed labels; decorate with patterned roller blinds or add a romantic aesthetic style to the interior with retro lace curtains!

  • Embrace the window with beauty – arrange painting, pictures in frames, hanging pendants or tapestry among the window! It will look more amazing even if it is still an ordinary white-painted window with no specific externals!

  • Make a reading spot next to the window – by adding accents and new feature in the area next to the window, you actually adorn the window! Place an old-fashioned bench and order books on a cottage-styled shelve parallel with the window!

  • Use the sills for storage solution, but don’t go to extremes! You make some redecoration, but not a crowd of souvenirs, personal belonging domestic regular refreshing tools, papers or bottles! Order seaside mussels, dried flowers, vases or ceramic figures!

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