How to keep the flowers in the vase fresh for a longer period of time

How to keep the flowers in the vase freshYou love fresh flowers at home, don’t you – the smell, the freshness they give, the good mood they create.. Here are some tricks how to keep the lovely bouquet fresh for a longer period of time.

The blooms of the bouquet must be fresh, better choose buds than a good bloom. In this case you will not only enjoy seeing the flower bloom, but it will stay fresher for longer.

If you pick the flowers by yourself from your own garden, you should have in mind that the best time to do that is in the morning. Have a cup of coffee and get to work.

Roses should be picked in the early afternoon. This way they will stay nice and fresh in the vase for more than a week.

Do not remove the leaves of the flowers, they help them to absorb more water and stay fresh longer.

The water in the vase should be ambient temperature, around 23 degrees. Regularly change the water in the vase or just top it up.

Pour some Coca Cola in the water – just around half glass. Yes, it might sound a bit strange, but Cola Cola helps for that, too!

So go ahead and choose the flowers you love, put them in your favourite vase and enjoy them for a longer time following these tips. In this way you will always be in a good mood and will start your day with a fresh fragrance and a big smile!

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