How to fight the autumn exhaustion – tips

Deal with autumn fatigueThe bright sun rays, which have made us feel great in the summer, are gone. The weather is getting cold, nights occur faster and the whole change affects us badly. Have you already felt the autumn fatigue? If yes, then you should read our tips on how to deal with that problem:

  • Eat vegetables and fruit every day! That way you will provide your body with vitamins and mineral substances, which will banish the symptoms of the autumn exhaustion. Here comes the diverse range of seasonal fruit and vegetables! Be careful, the overuse of vitamins such as A, D and K can have exactly the opposite effect, namely to cause tiredness;

  • Sometimes, the gloomy weather brings us gloomy thoughts. It seems to you that stress is endless. You are just done with your ongoing task, when another one appears. All you need to remember in such moments is that not everything depends on you. Try to cut down on your commitments, at least on those, regarding cleaning at home. You won’t stop being a good housewife, if you use professional services of a carpet cleaning company;

  • Breakfast and lunch are mandatory meals for the day! Beware, do not overdo it, because the big quantity of food leads to a feeling of fatigue and drowsiness.  Include in your menu more protein and complex carbohydrates and fewer fats. When it comes to the first two substances, you can find them mostly in eggs, meat, fish, cheese and all whole grain foods;

  • In general, physical exercise can cause exhaustion.  Not too much intensive daily exercises will refresh you, eliminate fatigue and increase efficiency. The same goes for doing your household chores as well. For instance, carpet sanitising is a great way to obtain the required dose of physical activity;

  • The most important part of the proper recovery in autumn is the rest. The night sleep is necessary to be within at least 7-8 hours. Before bedtime, drink a cup of warm milk with some honey. That tasty beverage usually has a wonderful calming effect.

Outdoors activities are quite important for your overall condition. So go out even in cloudy weather, preferably in the morning, before going to work. You will notice how well that will affect your mood!

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