How to decorate a small apartment – tips

How to decorate a small apartment - tipsTo maintain a large house requires a large amount of heat and electricity. And in many cases the whole residential area is not even necessary. Nowadays we have the advantage of living in a small apartment. It will be dimensioned according to our needs, easy for heating in winter and cooling in summer.

  • Rooms with several functions are a good solution for a small apartment. For example, office or studio can easily be converted into a guest room when you need to shelter guests. When we talk about details, small spaces always have great advantages compared to larger premises. They are cozy, with lots of style and not many pieces of furniture needed. In addition, in case of end of tenancy cleaning Nottinghamshire, the task is not very difficult.

  • If you inhabit a small flat, get rid of all unnecessary items. If you have too many things, your home will look smaller. When your possessions are sorted properly and do not dominate, it will look much more spacious.

  • Use simple color tones. Warm colors create coziness, while light and cool tones will make your rooms look larger and full of air.

  • Combine the color of the walls with the color of the furniture. Contrasting colors break up the space. When the color of the furniture is close to the color of the walls, the human eye perceives space as a whole, creating the illusion of more volume.

  • Leave most of your floor space visible. Look for light and suitable for the size of your apartment furniture. Tables with glass panels convey an impression of a larger area of ​​the floor. Regular carpet cleaning Nottinghamshire is a must.

  • Place mirrors and reflective elements. Reflecting the light, they will help your home look more spacious.

  • Pick multifunctional furniture. Folding furniture does not take up space and will fit very well in the interior of your home.

  • Use light skillfully. Each room would look bigger with natural or artificial lighting, which is properly selected. Remove the curtains and discover the windows, so that the light from outside enters to your home. More lighting creates a sense of more air and space.

It’s not bad to inhabit a small flat, what do you think?

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