How to cut down on electricity in the summer?

How to cut down on electricity in the summerDo you remember how high your electricity bills were during the winter? You were impatient for the summer to come so you can take a break and invest your money in a much more sustainable activity than paying huge bills to your electricity provider. Well, the bad news is that in the summer you have to think about cooling of your home, which means you are going to pay bills as nearly high as in the summer. Or you can find a way to remedy the situation. Cutting down on your electricity bills is not only environmentally friendly, but also allows you to save up for a vacation or buy yourself an item you have always wanted to have. Here are some tips you can apply:

  • Apart from making the room look cosy, carpets have yet another function. They keep the floor warm and help you preserve the warmth in the winter. However, that warmth is no longer needed in the summer, so you can just book a carpet cleaning, roll the carpets and place them in the closet until the autumn arrives. Plus you will no longer have to worry about vacuuming on daily basis – just mop the floor once a week to keep it fresh.

  • Don’t leave the curtains and the blinds open during the day. The sun can heat up every room in a matter of minutes. That rule applies particularly to those who live on a higher floor.

  • Heavy drapes are also recommended as they do not allow the sun to warm up the house. However, they are pretty expensive, so if you cannot afford to buy drapes for all windows, you can at least install them in the rooms that are most exposed to sunlight.

  • Air conditioners are the main reason for boosted electricity bills in the summer. If you live in a region where the heat is just unbearable, make sure your air conditioner is in a proper condition. Don’t forget to include air conditioner filter cleaning in your domestic cleaning for the next week as sometimes filthy filters are the reason behind higher than usual electricity bills.

  • If possible, use a fan instead of an air conditioner. It does not waste as much energy and does a good job as far as air circulation is concerned.

  • If you have paid attention during the physics classes, you should know that the heat rises. Don’t be surprised if your cat lays on the floor instead on his favourite spot on the sofa. Raise your hand and you can tell the difference in the temperature near the ceiling and near the floor. So, if you live in a two storey house and your air conditioning system is installed on the first floor, you can keep that floor cooled if you close all doors on the second floor.

  • The easiest way to cut down on your electricity bills is to turn off the lights during the day or when you go out of the room. Don’t forget to turn off the TV as well. Consider changing the standard light bulbs with energy saving ones.

  • Have you ever heard about the notorious “electricity vampires”? These are all phone and laptop chargers you keep plugged in even when you are not charging your device. You can even make a trip to the nearest store and get one of those devices that “notify” you that your phone is already charged and urge you to unplug the charger.

  • Refrain yourself from cooking on the oven during the hottest days. Instead, you can make a dinner on the outdoor grill and spend some quality time in the garden with your family.

  • If you always set the washing machine to the highest possible temperature, don’t get surprised that your electricity bill is too high. It takes a lot of electricity for the water to get heated, so you are advised to choose a shorter washing cycle and wash the clothes in cold water unless they are really dirty.

  • Instead of tossing the wet clothes into the dryer, let them get dry naturally. During the summer, you can have them completely dry in a couple of hours.

  • In order to keep the rooms cool, check the insulation and fill in any cracks that would let the hot air inside. Fill the gaps with caulk or expanding foam. Both solutions are inexpensive, easy to use and can be found in every hardware store.

Saving up on your electricity bills during the summer is easy provided that you know where to make the cuts. All aforementioned solutions are cost-effective methods for keeping your house cool in the summer months. Don’t let the high electricity bills be a reason for you to stress out about the lack of money. Follow these easy to apply tips and your next electricity bill will definitely be considerably lower.

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