How to clean windows with vinegar

how to clean window I’m pretty sure most of you have experienced the situation when you have to clean all of your windows by your own. Well, this was in my case last weekend.

I have had my annual spring cleaning started the week before and last weekend it was the windows that must have been cleaned.

Usually I go to the nearest shop and buy some window cleaner with alcohol to clean the windows properly but as I am a mother now,

I am determined to use as eco friendly cleaning products as possible. I decided to look through the web for a natural product that can be used for windows cleaning and found out that the vinegar can have a remarkable effect when used for windows cleaning.


First of all, I cleaned the windows from the visible dirt and dust with a clean soft damp cloth. After that I mixed 2 parts of vinegar and a part of water and sprayed onto the windows. Then scrubbed the windows with a clean paper towels and… the results were really impressive, my windows were shining!


The only disadvantage was it took me nearly 5 hours to do all of the windows. If you are to do the windows cleaning by yourself you’d better have 5 or 6 spare hours only for that or if you don’t have the time or the windows are in a really bad condition you can call professional cleaning company. I call one once every 6 months to clean my windows professionally. They have water fed pole system and clean the windows from the safety of the ground, using only pure water and therefore no watermarks are left afterwards.

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