How to clean wax from linen tablecloth

Removing wax from linen tableclothAroma candles are that perfect glowing decorative detail that can turn an ordinary dinner in beautiful romantic experience. The wonderful fragrance in the night air, the warm sparkles… but there is always a “but” in life, right?

In this case this is the unpleasant waxy mess on your new white linen tablecloth.  It could totally “melt” your romantic mood from last night but do not worry – follow these simple steps and the melted wax will never be the reason not to light your favorite aroma candles that make any night special.

Things that you need – iron, dull knife or spoon, clean brown paper bag and cleaning detergent. You also should use your freezer and washing machine.

  • Step 1  Freezing

Put the tablecloth in the freezer for a few days – this will help the wax to cool and harden completely. Then scrape off the wax excess with a spoon or a dull knife. My advice is to buy higher-quality candles which contain some additives that make wax stains easy to clean up.

  • Step 2 Ironing

Cut a brown paper bag in half and then lay it over the wax stain. Set your iron on the hottest safe mode for linen and press over the stain. Oils from the stain on the tablecloth will transfer to the paper bag. It is weird that you can use even the ordinary brown paper bag in the domestic cleaning process, but in this case it actually works.

  • Step 3 Pressing Over

Continue to press over the wax stain with clean areas of the brown paper several times. Make sure that no more wax oils transfer to the paper.

  • Step 4 Washing

Wash your linen tablecloth in the washing machine using cleaning detergent and the hottest washing cycle possible. Afterward let the tablecloth air dry, cleaning professionals advise not to put the tablecloth in the dryer – it will permanently set the spot. Wash again if necessary.

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