How to clean pet hairs off carpet

efficient carpet cleaning I have 2 dogs which I adore. They are such good friends and I cannot imagine living without them.

The thing is that living with every other pet with a fur there is a risk that the hairs are stuck to the carpet.

This is what happens in my place and although the carpet is regularly hoovered by our cleaner, there are still hairs that cannot be removed.

I know a few tricks how to get rid of the pet hairs as I have a long experience with that.

One method I know is using a sponge mop for the purpose.

You need to first hoovered the carpet thoroughly, then you need to lightly water the sponge mop – do not make it too wet. Once you do that you need to use the mop over the carpet – move it across the carpet in order to remove the hairs from the fibres.

The hairs should be collected off the carpet either by hand or using a hoover.

Another easy way to get rid of the hairs is to use baking soda – yes, that’s right. You need to lightly sprinkle the carpet with baking soda and let stay like this for a few hours. After that you need to hoover the carpet very well – this will also deodorize the room.


I also know another very easy way – it needs a bit more efforts however it is very efficient as well. You can use rubber gloves – put them on your hands and move your hands along the floor while the hairs are sticking to them.


If none of these tips works it might be best if you call a professional company to steam clean the carpet – this way all the hairs will be gone for sure and the carpet will be clean again.

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