How to clean our windows efficiently

Window cleaningAs a good housekeeper, you want to see your windows clean and shiny. Depending of which area you are living in, I can say it is very hard to keep your “outlooks” in a proper state. Dust gets on them everyday, actually even almost every hour. So here are some little tricks to clean them more efficiently.

First step – get rid of the main dirt first. If you use the cleaning materials right away, you’ll just smooth it out.. Rain, dust, flies, birds…first wash it away using only water and brush.

After that, you can start with the cleaning detergents. Wipe down the windows with paper or microfiber cloth. A useful trick – put some alcohol in the cleaning liquid. This will make the process easier.

Use only paper or microfiber cloths. Any other cloths you may want to use will leave some little peaces of the texture all around the surfaces. Make the cleaning movements in circles. The motions should be very fast.

It is best if you clean the windows on a sunny day. You’ll be able to see every little spot you have missed. Don’t wipe your windows while raining. It is absolutely useless as you can assume.

If you still can not achieve the desired results, what you can do is to call a professional cleaning company. They will not only clean the windows, but will also give you some very good advices of what kind of materials and techniques to use.

Cleaning your windows is a very important part of the cleaning process as a whole. If you want to attract the neighbor’s envious glances just use these little secrets. Regularly cleaned house always makes a good impression.

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  1. missy says:

    I know this trick-with the paper. All windows are cleaned and with no lines.

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