How to clean mud spots from a rug

dog lying on the carpet When I got married, my grandmother gave me a gorgeous mixed wool rug. Of course it was laid in the living room the very next day after we moved into our house. As it is a high traffic area, the rug needed steam cleaning every couple of months.

 Moreover, our dog, Jack, used to go and lay over it right after his walk in the garden and as a result the whole carpet was covered by muddy spots, which I was supposed to deal with every time when it was raining, which is quite often indeed.

 Here is how I treat the stains as I really can’t book a cleaning company once every week! First of all I prepare a soft clean dry cloth, preferably a white one, so to prevent any dying. I take out also a non-bleach mild carpet cleaning detergent and some white vinegar.

 At first, I apply some detergent over the stain and carefully smear with the clean dry cloth. After that, I flood some white vinegar over it and smear again. Then I apply some more detergent and smear, and finally flood with water and smear again. With this easy to follow tips, rug cleaning is not so hard a task as it seems!

Though, if the stain is still there or is too big or if the whole rug needs professional cleaning, I’m used to call Cleaning Carpet London. They treat the rug with steam heat extraction, treat the stains with stain remover and absorb the water so in the end the rug is nearly dry. It’s fast, affordable and efficient and I’m used to book this twice a year as the steam cleaning also removes all the bacteria and dog hair.