How to clean makeup brushes

Cleaning makeup brushesHome cleaning is usually associated with common cleaning chores such as window cleaning, upholstery sanitizing or hard floor polishing. Whether it is about regular daily routine or some deep and thorough home refreshment – seasonal cleaning, occasional preparation for a party at home or one off cleaning – people consider only some particular interior design parts cleaning! However, we can’t lie to you and say that preserving the hygiene in a house or flat is only about these traditional classical tasks! On the contrary – having your home clean, healthy and comfortable enough requires more efforts and detailed approach!

Take your personal belongings, for instance! Cleaning them is not even only about cleaning little pieces from your living environment! It is also about taking care of your individual hygiene! Speaking of all of these things, check out the following tips and hints and learn how to clean makeup brushes simply and fairly! Save some money and reduce your shopping list! Plus – have your cosmetic tools always fresh and nice in order to make your own face look fresh and nice, too:

  • First, remember, that cleaning your brushes at home is not recommended, but mandatory! It protects you from bacteria and it is a part of the entire makeup procedure!

  • What you need – among the cleaning equipment you will need, we will offer you only common products and cleaning tools, which are available in every house! Find some mild dish washing product, white vinegar for disinfection, makeup or polish nail removal for stain removal, baking soda, clean cloth or paper towel and essential oil!

  • First of all, use both – hot water for deep cleaning and in the end, cold water for rinsing!

  • Start soaking the brushes into hot water, where you can mix baking soda and liquid soap! Use a small bowl and put few amount of the cleanser and water! Start swirling the brush till the germs are gone!

  • Rinse the brush, and then repeat the cleaning procedure once or twice! Squeeze the brush and see if all of the dirtiness is gone! Finish with white vinegar – soak the brush into a bowl full of white vinegar and rinse with cold water again!

  • Let the brush dry and you can then use it again!

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