How to clean a pet urine stain from a carpet

pet urine odour removal Couple of day ago my lovely puppy Jack did his job on my new beige carpet. As it was about to dry out it was quite urgent to find a way to clean it by myself.

I want my carpets at home super clean and having pee on it was making me crazy. Thus, I started searching on Google how to clean it by myself as much as possible. Here is what I found out.

The first thing you should do is to try to absorb the dog urine as much as possible with a clean soft cloth.

You need to press hardly the cloth on the stain while the stain is nearly absorbed. If you leave the stain wet, the smell will become extremely hard to be removed.


The next step is to mix one part of white vinegar with one part of pure water and spray a good deal of the mixture on the stain. After that blot the stain with clean dry cloth or paper towel as much as possible and if you have a wet vacuum extractor you can use it to absorb the moisture.

Then you need to cover thoroughly the area with baking soda, which is to remove the smell of ammonia.

The last step is to intermix half a cup of 3 % hydrogen peroxide with a small spoon of plain dish washing liquid and spray carefully the mixture over the baking soda and scrub the stain carefully with your fingers or a mild brush. Leave to dry completely and then hoover thoroughly.

Yet, if the stain is persistent and there is still odour, you can call professional cleaning services. I call a company twice a year to steam clean my carpets. As they explained, the power of the steam heat extraction will eliminate the all the bacteria, dirt and germs from the carpet.

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  1. kid_o says:

    I had this problem when my dog was little. I used to clean my carpet with soаp and water and had the same effect – no stains or smell.

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