How to be a gentleman

Gentleman rulesIn the world today, when looking at the screens (TV, computers and cell phones) is more than in the eyes of other people, it is difficult to be a gentleman. You can call a gentleman relic from a bygone era, but this well-bred man is needed here and now.

And no, gentleman is not a man, who has a demonstrative knowledge of good manners. This is a man, who is able to combine the right action and the exact situation so as to appear always in place, always right, always relevant. And as he wins, so and the others around him have their benefit, too.

Here are some essential rules for how to be a gentleman:

  1. The gentleman says “please” and “thank you” often and willingly;

  2. The gentleman doesn’t insult the beliefs of others, no matter whether they are related to religion, politics or even sports teams;

  3. The gentleman always has a handkerchief. Actually, he is ready to give it, especially to a crying woman;

  4. The gentleman will never let the door slam right in the face of another person –  whether a woman, young or old, a total stranger or an old friend;

  5. The gentleman’s not kidding with the race, religion or anything personal of other people, he also doesn’t think that such jokes are funny;

  6. The gentleman knows how to wait in line and to be patient;

  7. The gentleman is always ready to shake your hand warmly;

  8. The gentleman maintains his leather shoes polished and his nails – clean. Imagine how his home looks like – definitely the gentleman does not avoid the regular domestic cleaning;

  9. The gentleman always admits his mistakes;

  10. The gentleman never starts a scandal or a fight. If the gentleman gets a rude remark from somebody, he never responds with rudeness;

  11. The gentleman does not make false and insincere compliments. It’s needless to say it, but the gentleman does not lie at all.

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