How a bad relationship influences your health!

How a bad relationship influences your healthWe all know the marriage vows and the words “For better or for Worse, in Sickness and Health”. But can this be taken seriously as marriage and relationship are. Could a quality of these affect one’s health or well being. Let us see:

  • Effect on weight. It has been a common belief that couples have the habit to let themselves go a little. Meaning that married couples gain a lot more weight than single people. Whether it is a sign of a good well being or bad health conditions it is a fact.

  • Lack of physical intimacy has been proven to also influence the stress level. However there are aspects that influence that as well. Common disputes regarding tenancy cleaning services, dishwashing or choosing places to travel, are just some of the examples that ruin not only your day, but the rhythm of your digestions and blood circulation.

  • Lack of hugs – the more you hug, the more oxytocin hormone you generate in the blood to relieve stress. Relatively if you are in bad relationship, you are more prone to stress.

  • Bed behaviour – or in bed with the one you love. Beds are the places where we tend to be relieved and relaxed. However, to go to bed with a quarrel is equal to have tooth canal done by carpet cleaning experts.

  • General and social anxiety disorder. Recent studies have proven the link between being in a bad relationship and these clinical conditions.

  • Depression–whether it has been caused by unfaithful partner or mistrusted relationship, there is a direct connection between them.

In conclusion we would like to advise couples to pay more attention to their relationship. As the saying goes healthy food-healthy body we can say that to be – healthy couple equals good health.

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