House cleaning in UK

house cleaning london When we talk about cleaning, we think of impeccably clean house. However, in reality thing are a bit different. Everyone wants their home squeaky clean, but how many of us have the time and energy to do it?

According to recent studies for 2011, nearly one third of the Britons have never cleaned their windows and about 23% never did an oven cleaning.

Three in ten people cope to maintain their households in pristine condition, while 27% admit that their property is often messy and scattered around. 5% of all Brits have hired professional cleaners for private house cleaning jobs, but the percentage reaches 20, when it comes to carpet and upholstery cleaning.

What is these numbers telling us? Nobody on earth wants to peer through grimy windows and eat food from a filthy oven. But also not everybody is willing to spend hours in scrubbing.

The simple and obvious solution is to find reliable cleaning company and use its services on a regular basis. Oven and window cleaning seem to be most hated household chores, and when it comes to carpet cleaning the usage of professional services is inevitable.

This year the expectation is that the search for house cleaning services will rice up, as majority of people disclaim their intention to buy new furniture and carpets because of the crisis. Many people tend to buy used furniture, which in turn also requires the usage of professional cleaning.

The good news for people who work on tight schedule is the wider choice of cleaning companies on the market. There is enough information on the Internet about the latest cleaning technologies and techniques, as well as plenty of websites for general and specialized local cleaning services.

You can help other people in need of professional cleaning by leaving a feedback about the company you are using and whether you are happy with the service provided.

And remember, using professional cleaning services is not a sign of a grubbiness, but just the opposite – getting the situation under control. Having a cleaning maid is not a luxury, it is reasonable help to keep the hygiene at home higher.

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