Having a diary as daily therapy

Having a diary as daily therapyNot without reason, keeping a diary is recommended by psychologists, psychiatrists and psychotherapists to their patients. Clinical practice of many professionals is abundant with examples of people with serious psychological problems who are able to cope with crises, thanks to the persistent and regular writing in their personal diary. How diary helps us to overcome stress?

  • Above all – it calms the mind. Fortunately, we can write much more slowly than we think. And if for one minute in our brains pass hundreds of thoughts, at the same time on the paper can fall no more than one or two. This means that writing makes us slow down. And for some people this is enough. Rather than go to yoga or bizarre anti-stress therapies, you can simply take for yourself half an hour a day and write in your journal everything you experienced during the day. No matter if it’s deep end of lease cleaning, or a walk in the park, write everything in your diary.

  • After you record your thoughts, the more interesting and significant part comes – reading them. No matter how strange, in most cases, when you read it, you realize that it is far less scary and painful as when it is locked inside your soul. On the contrary – our problems sometimes seem so ridiculous and insignificant, and this immediately reduces our anxiety and the importance of the situation, such as we imagined it while it was in our mind. When thoughts are inside us, they are combined with a number of feelings. And when they pour on the white sheet, we throw them along with the accompanying emotions. And, as we know, the emotions are good and bad, when in too large doses they are not always so healthy.

  • Your diary as a journal of the day. If we are a bit more pragmatic, we will see the benefits of the so-called personal psychotherapy. If you can arrange your tasks and learn to prioritize, then your journal, has turned into something much more – a stimulus for positive change and spiritual growth. When you welcome the spring cleaning specialists, ask them if they have a diary. Maybe they also use this method for therapy and relaxation.

What about you? Do you have a diary?

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