Have you struck a balance for the outgoing 2013 year?

Have you struck a balance for the outgoing 2013 year?The upcoming 2014 year is just right the corner. Usually, this period of time makes people open their minds and enter the hopes for better future and more successful year. When something is gone, human beings are either nostalgic, or full of dreams for what is next. Naturally, it is better to forget the bad things from the 2013 year and let them stay there for good. Though, letting the 2013 year behind without drawing up a balance sheet isn’t very practical and optimal.

Have you already struck a balance for the outgoing 2013 year? No – well, you should!

  • Why making balance sheet is good? It is good because the human being is a rational being. He wants to progress, to reach success and make his dreams come true. And nobody can look into the future without dealing with the past and without considering this past.

  • Balance sheets aren’t even made by people only! As a matter of fact, the biggest and the most leading companies, industry giants and progressive manufacturers end up the year with a balance sheet on mandatory. It isn’t only about making the common annual report. It is also about selecting the achieved goals and picking up the new ones! When you clear yourself the situation you are in, you can easily manage and handle it!

  • Ask yourself what lessons you have got from the last year? Of course, not every one of you has such an attractive, dynamic and interesting life, which offers different challenges daily. However, taking warning by ordinary and simple things from the routines is also possible. One example – you have underestimated the post tenancy cleaning during the removal in 2013 year. Eventually, you have lost the tenancy deposit, you had financial problems and moving in was really spoilt from this bad event. The moral –“ Everything drags a certain consequence” or “I have to be more prudent and diligent in my duties!”.

  • What did I get and what did I lose? Finally, you may even make a conclusion whether it was a good or a bad year. But what is more important, you will know how to act during the upcoming 2014 year!

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