Handle the Unexpected-Guests-Situation Like a Pro!

Handle the Unexpected-Guests-Situation Like a ProAt least once in your life you`ve been there – a friend of yours is calling and says that they will come for a visit. You look around only to find out that your home is a mess and you need a team of experts to help you the chaos. However, you have neither a team of professionals nor enough time to carry out the throughout sanitising. What should you do in such cases? Fake a clean house and present your home in an impeccable condition when your guests knock on the door! Below you will find out how to give your living premises the illusion of cleanliness when you are short on time.

  • First of all, you should know that your number one enemy is the clutter. Nothing makes a house messier than random objects that are not put on their right places. Grab a large container or your laundry basket and quickly pick everything which does not belong to the room. Start with the living room – it is more likely to accommodate your guests there. As you probably have no more than 30 minutes or an hour, being lucky enough, so don`t look for the original place of the items – just bring the basket in a room that is not likely to be used during the visit. You can hide it in the garage or laundry look or any other room which visitors will not enter.
  • Speaking of baskets, they will be your true assistants when you have to act in an emergency. If you have magazines or books scattered on shelves, put them in a good-looking rattan basket and the clutter now looks like an art. The same is valid when you have too many cushions on the sofa – collect them together in a basket and place them somewhere in the room as if they are part of the interior and that`s on purpose!
  • Step 3 is optional but it is recommended. If you have enough time vacuum the carpet – this is one of those things that instantly make a room look cleaner. In the same line of thought, dust the most visible surfaces such as window ledges, side tables and bookshelves with a feather duster. A thing to have in mind is that if you run professional carpet cleaning, your rugs and carpets will look good without spending extra minutes on them – make sure you book such services occasionally. You won`t be ashamed when your guests arrive!
  • Now, let`s see what is happening in the kitchen. Hide your dirty dishes in the oven – this is not what we would originally advise you but as you are running out of time, better follow our suggestion! Dirty dishes always make a bad impression but this temporary solution would do the job. Your other option is to act fast and load the dishwasher but when in a hurry just use this hideaway.
  • If you notice any lingering smell from your last night`s dish, boil some cinnamon and orange peels to cover it. If you don`t have these ingredients at the moment, lit a candle and arrange some flowers. Fresh aroma always gives the illusion of good hygiene and green living.
  • If you have too many magnets, notes and drawings on the fridge, take them down and put them in a plastic bag. Later, when the guests are gone, you can hang them back…shamelessly!
  • Fold any hand towels that are thrown on the countertops. If you have time, check them really quick for stains and fold them in a way to hide them or just hang them with the clean side over the oven handle!
  • What should you do with the sofa? If you have a pet, there is a chance that pet`s hair is flying everywhere. A quick way to get rid of that is to put on your rubber gloves and dampen them – glide your hands over the couch and the hair will be gone in a minute or so! Another thing to have in mind is that if you notice a stain on the surface and you don`t have time to treat it, you can always place a cosy blanket or put some pillows on a strategical place to cover the spot.
  • Now, let`s see what is happening in the bathroom. You don`t have the time to make it spick and span but the least you can do is to spray some air freshener and wipe down the toilet bowl. The other thing that will be noticed is the mirror. If you don`t have a glass cleaner on hand, a trick we heard from your local end of tenancy cleaners is to use hydrogen peroxide diluted in water. It will leave your mirrors sparkling without the need to run to the store in the last minute!

That was it! The mess at home can be handled like a pro if you follow these simple steps. Just don`t miss to put the beer to chill in the fridge before you start tackling the chaos – treat your guests the right way and they will not pay attention to the spot you are covering on the sofa!

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