Halloween Makeup Ideas

Halloween Makeup IdeasAs Halloween is approaching fast, it is good for you to start thinking about your outfit. Every year you spend a lot of money on a costume that will not be worn again and you come to think of that as poor investment.

A good money saver is DIY makeup that will be applicable even next year. And it gives you the possibility of using your own clothes. Just choose the basic products that you will need and settle on an image.

Here you will find the most preferred ones for 2013:

  • Vampires – classical characters that will never get old fashioned. Dark hair, sharp fangs, lots of blood – what more do you need?

  • Zombies – what is Halloween without some undead rotten bodies. Grey pale faces, ripped off body parts and torn clothes.

  • Villains – worldwide known characters from novels and movies, even better if they are fictional or comics based. Being bad is allowed just once in a year. And it is fun too.

Still there are more that are gaining popularity fast:

  • For women: there is no need to look like death has just met you. Fairytale characters such as princesses, fairy godmothers, angels, etc. are amongst the most popular. But the hot trend this year is the celebrity outlook. There are so many celebs that change their look to attract the media, that it is not so hard to imitate at least one of them – try Boy George, Lady Gaga, David Bowie, Madonna….

  • Men’s makeup ideas –  knights, masked heros, other good fictional characters can be easily applied with some makeup, fake hair and appropriate clothes.

  • Kid’s trends – children are more prone to be dressed as pumpkins and derivatives usually by their parents. But as they grow up, their imagination does too. Here is where their favourite comics heroes come along. Just need to have a crafty mommy with lots of patience.

Here is a tutorial on how to make a Vampire Halloween makeup!

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