Grow your own fruit tree at home

Fruit tree at home

Many of you associate the smell of citrus with Christmas, right? This is normal, though at this time of the year, these fruits are being consumed the most.

What would you say to bring some exotics at home? We have an idea – grow your own fruit tree! What about mandarins?

You will need less cares and more patience. Check out these simple tips:

TangerinesTo obtain tangerines at home you need some seed. Pick a flavorful and delicious one, so the fruits one day will be the same. Clear the seed of the fruit and wash. Plant it in normal soil to a depth of about 1-2 inches, but no more. From now on, you need only patience and keep the soil moist, but not too wet. The room temperature must not be lower than 22-23 degrees. It should be sunny and airy.

TangerinesFor the seed to germinate you need at least 3-4 weeks. When this happens, the average temperature in the room may be lower (to 15 degrees) but the room must be sunny. During the winter, watering should be done only when the soil is almost dry, and in summer – more often. Be careful with the water – it should be with room temperature. In the summer the fertilization should be more thorough;

TangerinesIn the summer you can outsource your tree outdoors. Since tangerines are generally not houseplants but subtropical evergreen trees, they love the warm weather and when it’s warm enough outside, you can outsource the tree at the appropriate location – it can be in direct sunlight, but not windy. Especially, if the tree is still fragile.

Then you must be patient because tangerines start to give fruit after the sixth year. In normal outdoor conditions sub-tropical mandarins grow to a height of about 10 meters, but in indoor conditions they will reach no more than a meter and a half. So if you live on rent, don’t worry!

Moving the tree wouldn’t be a difficult part of the whole process, called end of tenancy cleaning. During the period that your tree will grow, but it won’t give fruit, you can just enjoy it – its leaves are smooth and shiny and the colour is oil-green.

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