Green cleaning in bathroom

Green bathroom sanitisingCleaning a bathroom is a huge sanitising task. This is the household chore, which must be probably hated at most. Considering the fact that the toilet seat is here and it requires some serious and expert disinfection, you possibly get a headache, when bathroom cleaning takes its turn in one off cleaning or ordinary domestic routine cleaning.

Add to this, the enormous work for brightening and smoothing the bathroom area and it already sounds as a nightmare. Some housekeepers think that they are acting more wisely and sensibly by selecting some extremely strong and toxic cleaning detergents for the bathroom.There is no doubt that they destroy the bacteria quickly and for surely, but there is some another doubt – don’t these toxic detergents destroy your healthy living environment? Have you ever thought that by killing one bad thing you can actually create some other bad thing?

Think more positively and start thinking greenly! Bring the Eco-friendly trends in home improvement and housekeeping in your home! Put a start for a new life in your house and make it green – sanitised, fresh, clean and natural! Check out how easy, fair and healthy green cleaning in bathroom can be:

  • Transfigure the spotless and revoltingly dirty toilet seat into the porcelain throne in your home – wash it out with natural homemade cleaner. Mix some white vinegar, cold water and baking soda. Finish with pouring few drops of essential oil and then flush with water!

  • Bring back the hygiene to the bathroom tub and polish the shower with common soapy ammonia cleanser. To eliminate stains and mould, use white vinegar again. Finish with lemon juice. Flush the entire area with a mix of cold water and half a liter of lemon juice.

  • Drain with hydrogen peroxide or borax. Let the cleaning ingredients to act and during this time brush the tiles with an old toothbrush and squeezed citrus. The awesome smell of the bathroom will put some extra ordinary aromatic flavor in the interior design.

  • Finish the green bathroom cleaning with innovative home improvements. Throw away your old toxic cosmetic and replace it with paraben-free natural oils for showering and mineral salts for relaxation.

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