Get in shape at home

How to get in shape at homeDo you want to get in shape, but your schedule is too busy to visit the gym? Well, don’t worry because there are hundreds of different exercises and techniques you can use at the comfort of your home. Just think about it, you will save at least 1 hour going to the gym and back, and another hour of training equals more than 3 hours of your life every time you want to workout. If you do it 3-4 times a week that makes more than 12 hours every week. On the other hand, if you exercise at home, you will have just 40-45 minutes intensive training, 15 minutes for a shower and you are done in less than an hour. This is how you do it.

  • Always warm up. You should take at least 5 minutes for warming your body before any kind of physical activity. Don’t forget to drink water, this way you are hydrating your joints, which prevents injuries.

  • Short cardio before the weight training. After the warm up, do 5 minutes of high intensive cardio. This way you prepare your body for the upcoming exercises.

  • Weight training. No matter if you want to lose weight or build muscle, weight training is the only way. All you need to start in a pair of dumbbells, kettlebells or a barbell. If you don’t have a bench you can use the floor. Just make sure the carpet is clean and if it’s not you can always book for carpet cleaning Nottingham.

  • If you want to lose weight, then do cardio after the weight training. Cardio right after the weight training burns twice as many calories. This is why you should never miss it. Leave the household cleaning to your  Nottingham cleaners  and concentrate on your cardio.

  • Always stretch after every workout. Stretch the muscles that you’ve just worked out. Once again, this will prevent injuries and will speed up your recovery.

Follow these five steps and you will have results in no time.

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