From simple cottage to luxurious retreat

Country home decorating ideasThat dream you have – to possess a stylish and convenient family retreat house – is very close to the reality. All you need to do is to transfer your current countryside house into a super place to relax in. Most of us feel quite uncomfortable, when it comes to the provincial property. But if you think wiser on this, you will quickly change your mind. There is a super celebrity obsession these days, for instance. They get that countryside houses and turn them into their paradise getaway. Why not doing it, too? With a little bit help and a lot of imagination, you can simply achieve it. Find out how to move from simple cottage to luxurious retreat:

  • Comfortableness is luxurious enough. Never forget that! The thing that makes you like a place is that you imagine yourself there relaxing. Of course, no plain house can swell such feelings in you. So, when your start your simple cottage update, think what can make you feel homey and fine here.

  • Making the old to look fabulous retro. There is no need to demolish the entire house just because it was built almost a century ago. On the contrary, take the advantage of this old age. Turn your family residence into an ancient inherited domain. Put retro accents inside the house, too. Thus, it will look retro, but not antiquated.

  • Greenery, greenery, greenery. No countryside relaxing place can exist without nature. Nature itself releases any kind of stress and spiritual anxieties. Invest some money into a lawn, exotic plants and trees to give you a base for the hammock and some lovely shadow for the afternoon reading.

  • The charming warmth of wood. Don’t give up from that old wooden furniture. Take the benefit of them! Wooden furniture is always concerned as classy, fancy and eternal. So, if the old wooden bed is not comfy for you, do some mattress cleaning or change the bed linens with a silk set.

  • Make it different from your house. A retreat house should differ with your current occupation. This is the relaxing thing about the getaway – you are taking apart from the ordinary things and from the daily routines. So, if your house is minimalistic and covered with neutral nuances, go for brighter colours and artistic decors.

  • Speaking of decors. Restore all those old rugs with deep carpet treatment. Create a real red carpet floor for your tiny feet!

We wish you good luck with your simple cottage transformation!

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