Follow these tips and customise your work desk

Follow these tips and customise your work deskAccording to feng shui art workplace is directly related to mood and the effectiveness of our work. If you can choose desk or displace – choose one that gives visibility to the door, but not directly in front of it. The desk must be clean, without torn or damaged office supplies. Regularly clean it from old and useless things. Feng Shui recommends to choose suitable plants – if the plant goes well, then you and around your desk is going good energy and vice versa. Check out some other suggestions:

  • Divide your desk to sectors. Drawers, shelves, desktop – try to find a place for everything and to strive to keep it organized. This will open unsuspected place for many other things that give personality and soul of your desk. If you are an employee in carpet cleaning company Nottinghamshire, you may not have a desk to personalise, but it’s not a big deal.

  • Photo of beloved ones. It may be a picture with friends, place you want to visit, and even a favourite quote and photo from a magazine. It is important for your work well and will make you smile. In difficult times such pictures can be a real cause for comfort or motivation.

  • Subject of home. Bring something of your home to work. A discrete thing as a coffee cup or souvenir is great. A subject that has nothing to do with the office environment will remind you that you have another life and it is waiting for you after work.

  • Notes on the monitor. On sticky notes you can record both your work tasks and reminders (for example your end of tenancy cleaning Nottinghamshire appointment), jokes, quotes or simply smiles.

  • Flower. Well, that does not mean to bring a 30-year dracaena, but flowers have always found a place and if someone waters them, no one interferes. Even the bosses are happy, because without their money, the office becomes cozier. You can put a small cactus or succulents around the monitor. According to feng shui, the spines of the cactus take away irradiation. Kalanchoe is also small and blooms profusely in bright colors.

So, have you already chosen your way to personalise your work desk?

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