Floor cleaning. What equipment do I need?

Floor cleaning - What equipment do I needMany people underestimate the importance of the proper floor cleaning and as a result their long ago beautiful floor deteriorates and they have no other choice but to fix the damages by spending a small fortune. If you want your floor cleaning procedure to be effective, you cannot just grab a random floor cleaning agent and start mopping. Taking the flooring material in consideration is essential since acid-based cleaning solutions have an adverse effect on marble, granite and hardwood floors. Here are the cleaning supplies you need for maintaining your floor in a good condition.

  • Admittedly, you cannot achieve the ideal cleanliness professional companies can, but after all, they have invested a big sum of money into buying specialized machines. Of course, you cannot afford a professional floor cleaning machine, but you can at least go to the nearest store and get yourself a microfiber flat mop, an appropriate broom and a cleaning product suitable for the type of flooring.

  • If you intend to use a vacuum cleaner, which you usually do the carpet cleaning Portsmouth with, you have to make sure it has an hardwood setting or a brush.

  • After you mop the floor, you are advised to buff with a dry soft cloth in order to remove the soap residue, not to mention that excessive water usage is not recommended for hardwood flooring. In case your floor has a grain pattern it is critically important to mop in the grain direction not across it.

  • Beware of the flooring products you use. The majority of them say they can make your floor glossy and shiny but you have to take these promises with a pinch of salt. Post tenancy cleaners Portsmouth claim, that very often these products do more harm than good, due to the severe chemicals they contain and your warranty can be void. Always check with the manufacturer what kind of polishing supplies you can use.

Floor cleaning is an essential part of your domestic cleaning duties and just like every other cleaning errand, it requires the right approach. Don’t use low quality floor cleaning tools unless you want to install a new flooring sooner than you expected.

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