Easy, tested and proven household tricks

Proven household tricks and tipsBook shelves. If they are full of books, you can clean them easily and quickly using the narrow metal nozzle of your vacuum cleaner.

Avoid using dust cleaner. This way of cleaning will cause the dispersion of the whole dust around and collecting it will slow you down.

Furniture and items from dark wood. If you want to renew and remove scratches from the surface of a dark wood furniture, prepare a paste of two parts: instant coffee and one part water. Spread it on the worn surface of the furniture or item with a soft cloth and dab on top of it, until the paste is absorbed. The more you add this mixture, the more you will darken the wood. Remove the excess wax with simple wipe with a clean cloth.

Wooden dishes. Cups and dishes made of wood tend to be easily dried and cracked. You can prevent this by applying a few drops of olive oil on a piece of paper from the kitchen roll and rub your wooden dishes every so often.

Belts. To organize your leather or fabric belts and keep them from loss or damage, curl them and place them on top of each other in a square or even better in a round box.

Labels on jars. The inscriptions on the labels of your jars of rice, flour, salt, pepper and other foodstuffs and spices easily wear out and you can hardly read them and sometimes get mistaken. To avoid this happening and to keep them readable for a long time, after the lettering and sticking the labels, apply upon some colourless nail polish.

Carpet. If you have spilled juice on the carpet, you can quickly remove the stain from the damaged area using an iron and a damp cloth. Place the cloth on the stain and pass over it with the hot iron.

Do you have your own secret household tricks? We would like to hear them.

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