Easy soundproofing of your home

Soundproofing tipsPeace and silence are two of the main features of person’s home. This is probably the reason why we started to separate and not to live in one cave with everybody from the tribe. But what you can do if the neighboring sub tribe from the upper floor is having a party or home concert with incompetent players? There are a couple of ways to soundproof your home without applying the heavy artillery and starting a major renovation.

  1. Seal… the doors and the windows. Weather stripping and the different way of sealing keep the noise outside, or inside, it depends on who is the noisy one. If the windows are not well insulated, sounds and air flows can pass through your home, this is both annoying and energy wasting.

  2. Magic carpet. Although some people don’t like rugs and carpets because of the extra work during cleaning, they are very useful when it comes to sound killing. The thicker and fluffier, the better. You will get benefits in two directions: less noise and more warmth. Even you can put extra rugs in some places to shape different areas in one room. Also exotic smaller carpets can be hanged on the walls instead of pictures.

  3. Curtains fall. Drapery, curtains, fabric wallpapers reduce the level of the sounds that enter your space. The same is true for big soft furniture like sofas and armchairs. If your neighbor is starting rock singer and you have common wall, put your couch on it, the fabric will muffle the sound. During upholstery sanitising take some special care of your “savior”.

  4. Bookcases. Have you ever paid attention to the quietness in the public libraries? It’s not only because the people avoid speaking there. Books “swallow” sounds like fabrics and even better because of the thickness of the paper. Looked from another point of view this is like putting a wooden barrier. Use floor to ceiling shelves with books to separate yourself from the noises around.

  5. Rental solutions. If you are the noisy one (play in a band, just love music or like to party), you need to take care of the people around you, but how to soundproof heavily without renovation? Indeed hanging things on the wall isn’t forbidden. One unusual idea is to hang quilted blankets on the walls. The best thing is that you can take all these things with you and won’t need to deal with them during the end of rental cleaning process.

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