Don’t sand your parquet on your own because of these 3 reasons

Don’t sand your parquet on your own because of these 3 reasonsNothing adds a more stylish old-fashioned look to your house than the nice wood parquet flooring. Parquet flooring is easy to maintain and clean. You just need to sweep and then mop it occasionally and it should be in a perfect condition. Of course, the biggest enemy of almost any wooden flooring is the moisture, so you should always make sure there is not any water between the gaps of the parquet because this can be a real disaster. Some people think that sanding their parquet on their own is a good idea and they will save money of professional service, but what they do is risking ruining their parquet, which will cost thousands of pounds. Therefore, you should read the three common mistakes you could do.

  • Equipment. Of course, is you want to do any kind of floor sanding you will need professional floor sanding machines. You cannot do a decent job with amateur tools bought from a car boot sale. This is why it’s always better to choose the help of the local flooring experts. Save some money from professional domestic cleaning Portsmouth and perform your housekeeping chores on your own.

  • Removing the old finish. Obviously, you need to remove the old finish before adding the new one. Again, if you are using planetary sanders you will probably not remove the old finish effectively enough. If you want to save several hours of sweating over the parquet, you’d better book for a professional flooring company.

  • Ruining the parquet. If you are using a belt sander, you are risking leaving large drum marks all over the flooring. This can happen when you drop the drum while the sander is not in motion. In that case, the drum will start spinning in one spot ruining the parquet completely. Ask your local flooring company for these risks. By the way if you use inappropriate carpet cleaning Portsmouth methods, you can ruin your carpet too. It’s nearly the same.

Consider these three important reasons next time you want to do a parquet sanding on your own.

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