Don’t forget to secure your home when the baby becomes a toddler!

Don’t forget to secure your home when the baby becomes a toddler!Babies are growing up so fast. Your child is now able to reach all alone every corner of the house, led by the instinct of a young researcher unaware of the risks. Your kid is already a toddler and the time has come to look around very carefully and turn your home into a safe zone for life and movement of your offspring.

  • We can start from the stairs and the rail. If there is none, now is the time for such an investment. Fences with large holes give enough space to pass the child’s head, so they also carry a potential risk. We can use a network to safeguard them. If the staircase is internal and is used repeatedly, we may think about a special loophole that is mounted in the upper part. It is appropriate latch lock and may be found in many varieties and models. Slippery paths down the stairs, small plaster statues, artwork or just small pots may cause a serious accident, so you can store them or put in safe places.

  • Floor coverings on which it is possible to slip on as wet tiles, laminate, marble must be secured too. They can be very funny for the kids, but sometimes falls may have bad consequences. Here special rubber mats or anti slipping carpets and floor coverings will help you. Professional carpet cleaning Camden with eco-friendly cleansers is required too. Natural flooring is recommended, because of the frequent cases of allergy to artificial fabrics. Bathroom and space in front of the kitchen sink require special attention.

  • After the floor, pay attention to all objects at the level of children’s sight. Are there dangerous objects at this altitude? Probably – yes. Low table, which so far have held the box with medicines, scissors, needles, pins, full set of crystal glasses and plates. The risk to be swallowed something from the contents of the box with buttons is real. Low cabinets can be locked or they can be placed special stoppers.

  • At your home inevitably there are some very sharp edges. For them special corner safeners of soft materials are sold. By the way, efficient house cleaning Camden must be performed on regular basis.

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