Don’t do these things before a first date

don't do these things before a first dateThere are certain things you should do before a first date – like going for some facial skin refreshment, buying a new pair of shoes and discussing the plan with your best friend. However, there are also things you should not do for anything in life before a first date. We have gathered some of them and to tell you in advance – there are weird suggestions, but do not get surprised, because real people shared with us that these activities have ruined their first dates…

  • Don’t clean the house! Even if you are taking your date at home later, do not consume all of those dust, stains and bacteria before the big day. Please, hire carpet cleaning company Nottinghamshire in advance, but forget about spending your preparation time in rug stain removal.

  • Don’t call your ex! Ok, why this? Why do you need to spoil your mood and to risk your new relationship before it is even started. Of course, we know why – you need to mock at your ex, but have in mind that in 85% of the cases, he or she does come on your first date, too! And things get really nasty…

  • Don’t take serious steps like moving out and dealing with end of tenancy cleaners Nottinghamshire or like changing your job. These things or the first date should wait. It is up to you to decide what’s more serious and important.

  • Don’t get drunk. Alcohol will not make the pressure go away, but it will help you to embarrass yourself hugely!

  • Don’t watch romantic Hollywood movies. Eventually, you will want such a date, but you will get too disappointed after the end of your own…

And in case you are asking us what’s the significant thing you need to do before a first date, here is our answer – smile and have fun. This is a date and should not be that serious!

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