DIY Projects That Are Perfect For Renters

DIY Projects That Are Perfect For RentersLiving on a rent has its pros and cons. One of the biggest disadvantages for a person that loves decorating their place is the fact that many landlords don`t allow painting, hanging and anything creative at all. When you don`t have the freedom to leave your print on at your rented home, you may never feel the cosiness that will make you feel comfortable. However, there are some no-damage DIY ideas that will freshen up your rental and your landlord wouldn`t mind them. Check out these rental-friendly projects that will make you feel at home without risking your deposit.

  • If your landlord doesn`t allow you to make many holes in the wall to hang your favourite collages and frames, you can take up a new strategy – use caging to create more hangable storage wall space. The caging will require a couple or screws itself but this is the smarter option – you can hang many pictures, postcards and other framed art without holing the whole wall.

  • If you want to freshen up the wall you can make a flower wall art by using washi tape. It is usually really easy to peel off without any residues left behind – pick few silk flowers and tape them on the wall. Create your own little garden spot and easily take them off once you have to perform your end of tenancy cleaning.

  • What do you think about making a DIY carpet? There are plenty of tutorials on the web that you can check – depending on your level of craftiness you can try making a t-shirt braid rug or crochet one. The good thing about having such carpet is that you should not worry about staining it – you can always toss it in the washing machine. Yet if you have other carpets in the rental don`t forget to contact your local carpet cleaners when you are leaving – you landlord may decide that this greasy spot on the rug is a good reason not to give you back the full refund of your deposit.

  • Leaning a ladder against a wall is a great way to make your rented space artsy. You can create space for hanging quilts, plants, blankets and you can even use it as a vertical kitchen storage space. House plants can bring cosy atmosphere but if you are short on place, you can always display your plants in hanging pots using the ladder. If you have a spare wall you want to put into practice, lean a ladder and using large S-hooks you can hang your pans, pots and other large vessels. Paint the metal ladder in vivid colours for a modern cool look. Maybe one of the smartest uses of a ladder leaned against a wall is to place it beside sofa or a chair if you like reading there but you don`t have the right lighting. You can hang magazines and you can clamp a little lamp on the ladder – what a great combination of playful accent and convenience.

  • Create coloured art using post-it notes. If you don`t want the commitment of a project or you decorate in accordance with the season, you can make geometric shapes or figures on the wall using such notes. They are perfect for that as their adhesive will not damage the paint – change up this colourful art anytime you feel bored or need inspiration! Another great option is decorating with removable decals. Again their adhesive is safe for the walls so you don`t have to worry about dealing with residues.

  • What about making your coasters – such little details really do matter when you are trying to make your rental feel like home. You will need a sheet of cork and imagination! (Alright, maybe few more supplies but you got the main idea) For example, in summer time a great design is a slice-of-watermelon coaster. You will see that you will feel much more enthusiastic about your morning cup of tea. By the way coasters serve as a perfect gift – there are so many different ideas including photo-coasters, tile-coasters, coaster made using wine-cork, etc. Just pick your favourite!

  • Make a dreamcatcher! A small hole next the bed can`t be such a big deal but a dreamcatcher will bring special feel of cosiness and comfort and it is said to improve your goodnight’s sleep. Pick vibrant colours, beads and feathers to create a unique design!

As you can see you can still decorate your rented property without losing your security deposit. Your landlord won`t be excited about the idea of repainting the whole property in crazy colours but a hole or two on the wall won`t hurt anybody!

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