Decorating ideas to apply around your air conditioner

Hiding air conditioner unitAir conditioners are a great necessity in the modern world. However they are designed to make things more comfortable, not good looking. Some of the new ones have nice design and can incorporate perfectly in our home, but others can look like just a piece of machinery stuck on our wall. If your case is with the not-so-good looking ones, it’s time to get some ideas, how to make it prettier.

Check out our tips and decide for yourself:

  • Flowers – this is one of the best ways to make the air conditioner a better thing to look at. Most of the air conditioners suck air from above and blow the air from below. It is important not to occlude its openings, so don’t place flower on top of the air conditioner or just below it. If your conditioner is under the window you can use a stand to put the flowers. This way you won’t block the conditioner’s openings and also hide it from view. Another advantage of this method, is the little wiggling of the leaves of the flowers, some people find this very soothing. But be careful when you go to the window, not to push the pot of flowers on the floor, because you’ll have to do some deep carpet cleaning.

  • Frame – putting a frame on something usually brings your attention to the thing inside it, but it is not mandatory. If your conditioner is high on the wall, you can frame it with a shelf that you can use for books. This way you will distract the attention from the machine and set it to the books you’ve placed next to it. For the conditioners under the window, this method can get little more demanding, because they are bigger and harder to decorate. You may want to hire a professional carpenter to make a cover. Draw him some of your ideas for the shape of it, when he comes to measure your air conditioner. Later on, if you have to leave your place and call the end of tenancy cleaners, they may leave your cover for the future tenants.

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