Create An Efficient House Cleaning Schedule That Really Works!

Create An Efficient House Cleaning Schedule That Really WorksThere are many people that just don`t know how to manage their time well, therefore, they can`t keep up a certain schedule and fail to perform some of tasks in their to-do-lists. Let`s focus on cleaning – you have probably come upon the following situation. You have invited friends over but you just realised that your home hasn`t been cleaned thoroughly for a good month. What did you do? Spent about 3 hours hectically running around your house wondering where to begin. Fortunately, scenarios like this can be avoided if you make an appropriate cleaning schedule you can keep. Stop catching up with your cleaning – read on and check our tips out!

  • To begin with, let`s see some good reasons why you should follow a cleaning schedule. You will be way more efficient if you have planned out carefully every task you should perform. If you don`t set the goals you can`t achieve them! Plus you will save a lot of time wasted figuring out what to do. If you have a suitable schedule, you will have the chores mapped out for you before you get started. Also, as every family has individual needs and demands, you will tailor a personal cleaning schedule that best meets the need of your loved ones and is made in accordance with their availability!
  • A strong argument that promotes having a cleaning schedule is the fact that you and your family will be less stressed when it comes to cleaning. Some people share that they can`t truly relax if they know that something should be done in their house. However, if you follow a checklist, you can enjoy the deserved hours of relaxation once you are done with the duties. You will also be able to finally fight procrastination and become more organised – this will also help you in other aspects of life!
  • Another reason is that keeping up with a cleaning schedule will help you maintain your home reasonably clean all the time. When you stick to it you will also be able to share responsibilities at home – assigning tasks to every member is essential and can even bond your family more! Of course, there are some tasks that you can`t perform on your own – for the deep sanitising of your carpet that is essential at least once a year, better assign this carpet cleaning to the professionals.
  • Daily-Cleaning-Schedule-1Now, let`s see what are the important steps to creating an efficient cleaning schedule. You should figure out its length – can you keep a weekly, fortnightly or a monthly schedule? Your local cleaning company recommends you to make a monthly schedule as you will be able to include both daily, weekly and tasks that you should not fail to perform monthly. Chores like checking smoke detectors, air vents, interior window cleaning, etc should not be neglected!
  • Your next step is to create a list with all the tasks that need to be done. You can download a basic checklist and include additional tasks that answer the needs of your home. You know that every home is different so your checklist will be different than your neighbours`!
  • A very important part of making an efficient cleaning schedule is to determine the frequency of each task. Every room has different needs. For instance, the nursery will need dusting more frequently than the guest room that is barely used. If you have pets that love spending their time in the living room, you will probably need to vacuum the area more frequently than the kitchen, etc. When there are major tasks such as cleaning your mattress, don`t forget to include it in your spring or autumn cleaning list.
  • As we already mentioned, the checklist is supposed to work for you and your needs. So, if you have a day which is crazy busy for you, don`t assign any time-consuming tasks to this day. If you have a day off during weekdays, go to the supermarket to avoid the visit and long queues on the weekend. Make sure that the schedule fits your free time and you can keep up with it without hassle.
  • Next step – assign your family with tasks according to their ‘qualifications’. If you are good at cooking, your significant other is capable of mowing the lawn and your kids are old enough to load the dishwasher and dust, assign the duties in such way – simple like that!
  • Pin your schedule on the door of the refrigerator or on a cork board if you have one. Our advice is to have it online so you can easily print it out and add a tick when you are done with a chore. Also, everyone will be able to see it and it will be a reminder that the cleaning must be carried out.

Now that you know what is essential for creating an efficient checklist, all you have to do is stick to it. Well, this is the most difficult step but you will see that having a clean and healthy home brings a very rewarding feeling!

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