Cleaning the house makes the relationship stronger

Cleaning the house makes the relationship strongerMaintaining cleanliness and order at home can seriously affect the relationship between the partners. It turns out that the issue of cleaning can be a serious challenge for lovers. Check out more details:

  • Some women have no desire to involve men in cleaning the house. They prefer to deal with this task alone, because they believe that their man will not do well enough. Men also admit, that they are not very persistent when they need to clean.

  • Recent survey shows that men are not doing particularly well with cleaning the bathroom, and often fail to clean certain areas. They even do it on purpose not to entrust them the same commitment next time. This tactic act in 60% of cases.

  • Only a quarter of the volunteers in the study admitted that they willingly help the woman in maintaining cleanliness at home.

  • Women also believe that men do not do well when they have to clean the bathroom, but they easily deal with washing dishes and vacuuming. So, if you wonder what type of household chore to entrust to your partner, choose carpet cleaning Portsmouth and you won’t regret it.

  • The conclusion from the survey is that mutual assistance in the household, however small it is, helps partners strengthen their relations. Although there are still men who think that cleaning work is entirely female, most of them are willing to help because they believe in gender equality.

  • Actually many of the gentlemen feel guilty if they do not help with household chores to their spouse. Usually men are more responsible when it comes to end of tenancy cleaning Portsmouth .

  • Scientists expect domestic conflicts to increase and the happiness of men to decrease when they have more tasks at home. However, the results show the opposite. Women, in turn, become more assertive when they have to fight against laziness of their partner and ask him to become more involved in cleaning.

The conclusion is that shared responsibility when it comes to sanitizing is the best option.

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