Cleaning Safety Tips

Cleaning Safety TipsA clean home is a safe home. By doing your household chores in time and in the right way you provide your house with a healthy and riskless environment, where problems such as respiratory issues and allergies are excluded. However, the real sanitising process at home must be safe, too.

See our cleaning safety tips and optimise your living space maximally:

  • Choose the detergents and products for washing and disinfection very attentively. Do your research in advance and then buy. Consult experts and shop consultants for the most harmless cleaning solutions you can take advantage of. Never forget to read the labels of the products and always remember that natural can still be toxic.

  • Slips, falls, injuries and damages are very often as consequences after unsafe home purges. To avoid them, first of all, be concentrated. Yes, sweeping is not the smartest thing you can ever do, but a little bit distraction or tiredness may be catastrophic. Also, place anti-slip rugs and mats. Do not climb too high – you are not a mountaineer and do not do any jerky motions – you are not a circus actor!

  • Ventilate the premises before and after cleaning. Use natural deodorisers and do not underestimate the fresh air. This is the best way to kill the bacteria and chase away the chemicals you used in the bathroom or in the kitchen, while decreasing the oven.

  • Replace your cleansing tools more frequently. Being scrooge and making savings from such things is stupid. You may get sick or get some bad irritation. Your health costs more, so simply trash that old sponge away already! Isn’t it from winter next to your sink?

  • Do not improvise. If you are not a chemist, stop making some sanitising formulas from different toxic ingredients and chemicals. If you do not know the type of the surface or the material, check and then act with your best cleansing solution. This is very important for chores like upholstery and carpet treatment.

  • There are objects, items and premises that are either too difficult, or too specific to be washed, wiped or cleansed with ordinary methods. There are also some chores that should be done with professional equipment. Never hesitate to use expert services, when it comes to such occasions – for example, when you do the end of rental cleaning.

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