Cleaning alone or with company

  Sometimes people prefer not to be alone while cleaning. Somehow being surrounded by people motivates them to do something useful for their home and actually clean it.

Of course, you should consider how close the guests are. If they are your family or best friends it will not be too awkward for them to sit back and watch TV while you are doing chores around the house.

However, if you are having friends over and you have invited them to watch the game or just to hang out, it might not be very pleasing for them to do nothing and watch you clean your house!

  If you have been depressed for a while and you need friends over while you conduct the cleaning – it’s fine, but you have to let them know first.

Your closest friends will understand you; they might even help you clean up. Indeed, what are friends for if not to help you when you need them? This is actually a great therapy if you really want to clear your mind for a while.

Besides, can you think of a better time to be with the people that are close to you and do something useful at the same time?

  Yes, we can definitely say that cleaning can also be very healing, especially for the soul and the mind. It can be a bit overwhelming sometimes, but that’s what really helps us over think our situation or problems.

While cleaning, most of the people are thinking about different issues, are making plans. Their mind is processing and making decisions. Thus, while doing something useful with your hands (for example cleaning the floor), you also get your mind cleared.

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