Cleaning a chandelier

Chandelier cleaning tipsChandeliers are a classy addition to the decoration style of any room. A chandelier can easily fit to a magnificent living room, posh bedroom, spacious family dining room and even to an original and romantic bedroom.

This beautiful and exquisite tool of lighting brings some sophisticated air into the room by making it look more qualitative, royal and amazing. Choosing a suitable, lovely and durable chandelier for a premise is definitely difficult, but maintaining it seems to be even more difficult!

See some facts, suggestions and techniques for cleaning a chandelier:

  • Needed equipment – there is nothing special among the necessary appliances for chandelier sanitising. Naturally, you will need a ladder to reach it and clean it from this hanging position or taking it down for some more detailed disinfection and wiping. General products and tools – such as microfibers, sponges, bowls, common detergents and eco-friendly mixtures are involved. So – nothing scary and nothing special!

  • Dry method – simple and safe by avoiding some electrical faults and damages. Plus – there are materials that don’t like moisture cleaning techniques, so the dry method is very appropriate for sterilising the delicate and refine chandelier. Turn off the lights and wait for the electric bulbs to cool. Start from the top to bottom and wipe with a clean microfiber by paying attention on each of the details. Spray some universal glass cleanser and repeat the top-to-bottom polishing procedure.

  • Wet method – adjust the ladder, so it is steady enough for some wiping movements or deinstallation of the chandelier and do the procedure on the flat ground. Use soapy water and white vinegar to disinfect. Another option is to tap the sink and soak the entire chandelier for an hour. Mix the cold water in the sink with baking soda. Wait for a couple of hours for the chandelier to dry up and then turn the lights on!

  • Piece by piece – disassemble the chandelier and detach the pieces by material categories. Use glass cleaning detergent for crystal and glass. Polish the porcelain with white vinegar and wipe the stainless steel with oily or soapy cleanser. Rinse them in hot water and dry with a clean microfiber. If you need to, use the hairdryer to dry the tiny pieces.

You can use one of the methods for chandelier maintenance and refreshment during the end of tenancy procedure!

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